Art by Christopher Stanton

I'm a creative writer and artist, based in L.A. I'm always looking for opportunities to show my work and collaborate. I'm also available for commissions, and I'm proud to donate my art to support worthy causes. You can also find me on Instagram.

Feel free to contact me via this site or at with any inquires. The art displayed here is only a small portion of my portfolio, and much of it is for sale. Look for the prices on individual item pages that allow you to purchase them using Paypal. The listed price includes shipping.
I'm proud to have two drawings in the Project Postcard show, benefiting the Department of Art at New Mexico State University. Check more information here.

I'm excited to share a start-up I'm involved with as a Founding Artist. The Giving Gallery is a community of artists and nonprofits working together to sell art that gives back. For every piece of art sold, 40-80% is a donation to a partnered nonprofit of The Giving Gallery that the buyer chooses. The site has launched with mental health nonprofits, and will expand its nonprofit partnership to social, health, and education sectors. Art -- including some of my paintings and drawings -- will be available for purchase soon!!

I’m pleased to announce that Krombacher Brewery is using one of my paintings in a national online and poster ad campaign! See the folder in my Portfolio with images of the ads on the streets of Germany.

And: Empty Bed -- a short film I co-wrote with Brandt Shandera that played at more than twenty film festivals -- is now available online! Check it out here. It's based on a feature film script that Brandt and I wrote together!