Art by Christopher Stanton
I'm a creative writer and artist, based in L.A. I had my first solo show in Los Angeles in 2005 and have taken part in numerous exhibitions since then. I'm always looking for opportunities to show my work and collaborate with other artists. I'm also available for commissions.

Recently, I've collaborated with Christopher Darling on an illustrated diary, "Nick Pope," written from the perspective of a fictional high school sophomore in 1987. I wrote the manuscript and Christopher has designed and illustrated it. You can view sample pages from our self-published version in the Nick Pope folder in my Portfolio.

We are proud of this very special project and are currently seeking a publisher for an even bigger run.
Feel free to contact me via this site or at with any inquires. The art displayed here is only a small portion of my portfolio, and much of it is for sale. Look for the prices on individual item pages that allow you to purchase them using Paypal. The listed price includes shipping.
I was proud to show work recently at the 18th Annual Postcards from the Edge show!
Find out more information here.