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Neon Muscle
Neon Muscle

I'm currently working on the third draft of my new novel Neon Muscle.

As the title Los Angeles club nears its first anniversary in December 1983, we follow five characters all connected to the gym, including the closeted managing director (an ex-Olympic rower and reluctant actor in two low-budget flops), a lonely single mother who works in a high-end art gallery, and a beautiful but impossibly vain woman on the run from across the country with a stolen painting.

With a diverse cast of main players including two gay men, Neon Muscle delves into the emergence of AIDS, the Los Angeles art scene and the world of male strip clubs -- as these characters desperately seek connection with one another in an MTV world where looks are prioritized.

Neon Muscle also features two characters from Dandelion Crossing, so the novel continues their stories.

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