• 6X6NW Show on October 6

    I have two paintings in this rad benefit show in suburban Seattle! It's on October 6:

  • Nude Art LA

    I was proud to have seven paintings in the recent Nude Art LA show! Check out more information here.

  • Project Postcard 2017

    I'm proud to have two drawings in the Project Postcard show, benefiting the Department of Art at New Mexico State University. Check more information here.

  • Empty Bed is now online

    Empty Bed - the short film that I co-wrote with Brandt Shandera that played at more than twenty film festivals - is now available online! It's based on a feature film script that Brandt and I wrote together. Check it out!

  • "Petting Zoo" at SugarMynt Gallery

    I'm proud to have two drawings in the "Petting Zoo" show at the SugarMynt Gallery in South Pasadena, running until June 23, 2017. Check out more information here.

  • Postcards from the Edge Show

    I'm excited to have a piece in the 17th Annual Postcards from the Edge show, benefiting Visual AIDS. It runs Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2015. Check out the details here.

  • Paintings in Acid Issue 3

    I'm stoked to have my surfer paintings featured on the front and back covers of Acid - Issue 3! It's an honor to showcase my work in this groundbreaking surf publication. Check out more at: http://acidsurfing.com/

  • Short Story in Carrier Pigeon

    I'm proud to have my short story published in the newest issue of Carrier Pigeon, featuring beautiful cut paper illustrations by Maude White. Visit Carrier Pigeon at http://www.carrierpigeonmag.com/.

  • "The Cruise" at Blueline Gallery

    Blueline Gallery in Bloomington, Indiana will be showing my paintings, alongside photographs by Justin Clifford Rhody, in "The Cruise" -- starting with an opening night reception from 5-8 PM on Friday, June 7. I'm grateful to Remote Projects (remote-projects.com) for curating the show, which runs until August 9.

    Blueline Gallery is at 224 N. College Ave in Bloomington.

  • Nick Pope Show in Kalamazoo

    On Friday, December 7, the Exquisite Corpse Gallery in Kalamazoo will be showing pages from Nick Pope: A Graphic Diary — written by me and designed and illustrated by Christopher Darling. I’m so excited for this show! We are printing a limited first edition run of the diaries and they’ll be available for sale soon! Check out the show flyer here: http://christopher-stanton.com/artwork/2933211.html

  • Interview in April 2012 Bant Magazine

    I'm proud to be interviewed about my surfer paintings in the April issue of Bant. Check this link: http://www.bantmag.com/mag/06/ and navigate past the table of contents to the interview and more of my paintings!

  • Spread the Word auction at Mark Moore Gallery

    I’m excited to have a piece included in the upcoming Spread the Word auction at Mark Moore Gallery in Culver City — to benefit 826LA. Founded by novelist Dave Eggers, 826LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 years old with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

    More than 80 contemporary artists are participating. Profits from the sales of each piece will go to this worthy cause.

    More details for the Dec. 17 event are here: http://spreadthewordmmg.eventbrite.com/

  • Drawings in Death: A Magazine

    I'm proud to have a series of drawings in issue #2 of Death: a magazine for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. You can view them on the magazine's web site, on the last page of the issue. (http://deathmag.com/)

  • Surfer in the Sky

    I'm one of the artists featured in Surfer in the Sky, an upcoming book.
    David Moser was an aspiring art student when a rare heart condition claimed his life at the age of 19. Though his death took him away from his family and friends, his passion for life, surfing and art keep his spirit alive. The book celebrates his spirit and the spirit of surfing.

    Check out the website: http://www.surferinthesky.com

  • Emilia Eckle

    I've designed title and end-credits art for the short film "Emilia Eckle," made by Alyssa McClelland and Kate Hickey. They have hopes to screen it at TropFest 2009.

  • I've got an illustration in Good Vs. Evil Magazine, Issue 2. You can buy a copy here:


  • I'm blogging for a brand new art web site


    Covering the explosively rad LA art scene!

  • An Interview with Me on ArtistInterviewingArtist


  • My Surfer Paintings on Display at Chi Phoenix Loft

    their inaugural group art show is Friday, Feb. 8th, starting at 6 PM.
    1855 Industrial Street, #609
    Los Angeles, CA 90021
    (213) 402-1508

  • Upcoming Surfer Art Show at the Jazz Bakery

    I'll be showing new surfer paintings at the Jazz Bakery in Culver City, starting Oct. 13th:
    Chris Stanton

    new paintings
    Oct. 13 – Dec. 7, 2007

    *Reception for the Artist
    Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007
    4 PM - 7 PM*

    Bakery Art Exhibitions at the Jazz Bakery
    Curated by Joseph De Mario
    3233 Helms Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90034

    Gallery Hours: 7 PM-11 PM Nightly