Christopher Stanton - Creative Writer and Artist

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a creative writer and artist in Los Angeles. I'm currently seeking representation.

My educational background is in screenwriting and creative writing, at NYU and USC. I've published a novel (Kings of the Earth) and a short story collection (The Underachiever: Collected Stories) and written several screenplays. My short stories have been published in a dozen literary magazines.

Nick Pope, a graphic novel written by me and illustrated by the late Christopher Darling, is now available for purchase. I'm so proud of this extremely special project. You can buy the book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and read more about it here.

I also have an unpublished collection of linked short stories (Dandelion Crossing) and I'm working on the second draft of a new novel (Neon Muscle.)

I've been making art for 20 years, and I've shown my work in more than fifty shows across the country.

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The Underachiever: Collected Stories 2000-2010 is available on Amazon - in paperback and Kindle! Most of these fifteen stories were published in various literary magazines -- and they center on ordinary working-class characters, feeling lost and stuck in their lives, and the spark that jolts them out of it. Amazon reader Robin Samuels writes: "This collection of short stories is extraordinary. With deceptively broad brushstrokes, Stanton paints seamless and vastly detailed microcosms of everyday people, everyday lives, and everyday emotional universes. And they are fascinating studies."

You can buy the collection here.

Kings of the Earth is also available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. I wrote the first draft of this novel about a haunted surfing town almost twenty years ago, so this is a long time coming. The Book Commentary says: "Stanton's affecting characters and surprising plot twists make this novel an exciting ride. The prose in Kings of the Earth is gorgeous and the writing confident, laden with compelling and vivid descriptions; the setting is a world steeped in mystery; and the narrative voice is irresistibly absorbing."

You can buy this literary ghost story here.

I'm also working on the third draft of a new novel, Neon Muscle. Set in Los Angeles in 1983, it centers around a huge fitness center - deemed "the new singles scene of the 80s" - as it nears its one-year anniversary. The book tracks five lonely characters as their paths cross during a chaotic December, delving into the panic that ensues as some Neon Muscle members contract AIDS, as well as exploring the art gallery, casting couch and male strip club scenes of the time. Ultimately, these men and women are just desperate for companionship at a spot that emphasizes looks and flash. Is that connection even possible?

My other manuscript - Dandelion Crossing -- was named one of four finalists in the 2021 Elixir Press Fiction Award. With nearly 300 entries, this is a huge honor for me.

This short story collection, which is a prelude of sorts to Neon Muscle, tracks the first week of a controversial, brand-new suburban shopping mall in 1983 and is told through the stories of fourteen characters who work or visit there. From a gay arcade manager to an elderly widow who ventures to the mall salon for a perm, their individual stories — which come together to form the larger, overarching narrative — chart how different people of various classes and backgrounds live, love, struggle, and survive during this era of Reagan’s America.

I'm currently seeking representation -- or a publisher -- for it!

If you've read The Underachiever or Kings of the Earth and want to talk about them, if you're an agent, editor or publisher with questions about my books, or if you have any inquiries at all, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line at:


I've undertaken all kinds of art series, but lately I've been most drawn to surfers, boxers and portraits of random folks who spark my interest.

The art displayed here is only a small portion of my portfolio, and much of it is for sale. Look for the prices on individual item pages that allow you to purchase them using Paypal. The listed price includes shipping.

If you don't use Paypal, message me and we can make other arrangements! My goal is to get you something you really enjoy, at an affordable price.